Avoiding Hearing Loss: Tips for Aspiring Musicians and DJs

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For anyone who has made sound an integral part of a career, it only seems natural to actually focus on being able to keep up the good work. But so many younger musicians and DJs, as well as people who have spent years working in rock clubs and nightlife hot spots, never bother to take the time to prepare their ears for an onslaught of noise. And the trouble with this is the fact that, unlike other lines of work, repeated exposure to really loud noises does not take decades to wear down on one's hearing. In fact, hearing damage from this kind of environment can kick in after just a few particularly rough nights, meaning that making the choice to not throw in earplugs only a couple of times might actually mean something down the line.


Fortunately, aspiring DJs, musicians, and anyone who makes a living out of being out and about can get around the trouble that comes with repeated exposure to loud speakers, but without having to forgo the parts of the process that are so enjoyable and integral in the first place. Plenty of top-notch DJ booths actually make it possible to enjoy clear sound with the monitors, but without having to blast the volume to overcome the exterior noises and volume levels. Being able to control the various levels of sound means the chance to relax and enjoy the ability to handle one's craft without the stress of cranking the volume up so much that it might cause hearing loss. Likewise, there are plenty of pairs of earplugs that can be worn to block out the excessive noise from around a noisier venue, but without diminishing one's ability to hear sounds clearly in the meantime.


For musicians who are spending plenty of hours rehearsing the the volume level cranked up, preventing hearing loss might be even more difficult than it is for those who are stuck in the DJ booth. After all, electric guitar players and drummers who do not wear headphones are consistently exposing themselves to higher levels of decibels without protection, and this is what can end up actually doing the most damage. Even while jamming at home, musicians should remember to throw in a pair of earplugs, whether they happen to be fancy ones from the store or a pair picked up for a couple of bucks and designed to be thrown away. This way, there is something in place to get between the harmful decibel levels and one's ability to hear the notes, which is a crucial part of succeeding in the world of music.


So whether just starting out or recovering from a lifetime of shows in sweaty, smokey clubs around the country, those who make a living out of helping others to enjoy music need to take the same time and effort to protect their own hearing and musical well-being. After all, it's pretty tough to do a great job in the world of sonic entertainment if you're incapable of hearing well. Making the right choices now means a happier, healthier set of ears in the future.

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Avoiding Hearing Loss: Tips for Aspiring Musicians and DJs

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This article was published on 2010/12/16